The Worm Float Anxiety Graphic Novel Page Art 3

In today’s new page of art from my upcoming anxiety memoir, Float, we meet The Worm. You can read more about the characters from Float in the site’s About section.

The Worm is used in the book to portray some of my most sensitive moments from my life. He’s an unfinished work and a physical embodiment of sadness. He once had beautiful wings and flew in the sky, but Anxiety wrecked him and sent him falling. Where will he land?

As I began to write this book, I tried recall of the moments when anxiety interfered in my life. It was definitely affecting me in grade school and then in high school my anxiety grew more powerful. My anxiety was still beneath the surface, but I know friends and family had to have noticed these strange outbursts in my behavior. After combing through my memories, I concluded anxiety had cost me my first true relationship. I was irrational and filled with fear. I assumed it was just how everyone acted. Now I know better but anxiety still gets the best of me. I’m hoping I can stop it before it wrecks more friendships and relationships that I have. I have to strengthen my resolve against the attacks and use tools such as breathing exercises to battle back.

I had a brief fight with anxiety just posting this page of artwork because the correct image wouldn’t show to Facebook.There’s something tragically poetic in that.

The Kickstarter for Float will launch May 1st, 2017. Every week I’ll be debuting new pages from the book here in this blog.