anxiety treatment at destino

As we saw on the last page, David is on route to the island of Destino to begin his new experimental treatment. What secrets does the island hold?

Hello again everyone.

After Float’s Kickstarter ended successfully I needed a few weeks to decompress emotionally. The campaign was wonderful and thanks to everyone’s incredible support we reached 335% funding of our goal, but it’s a lot of work both physically and mentally not just to run a Kickstarter, but worrying about meeting expectations of backers and reaching the funding goal can take a lot out of you. Adding the whole fact that I have anxiety to that, and well, you understand.

So, I took a little break and hopefully everyone understands. I think when you are coping with a mental illness, it’s really important to know when you need to take the time to decompress and rebalance so you can get back to life stronger when you’re ready.

I’ve found that making this book has caused me to learn more about the origins of my anxiety and depression. Some of this discovery has honestly been overwhelming. However I am so grateful that this site exists so we can share these moments together.

Starting next week I’ll be penning weekly blogs about my experiences with anxiety and we are currently accepting Breakthrough Moments as well as guest blogs. If you are interested in helping please email me at

If you missed the Kickstarter, that’s OK! We now have Float available for pre-order in the Float store.