Here’s our latest Kickstarter update from our fully funder campaign for the newest Tara Normal book.

Shipping on all US orders has begun! 

Shelley and I spent over 2 hours at the Post Office sending out your rewards.

taranormal kickstarter shipping

All Non-US Rewards will ship in the beginnning of June. 

Due to the current situation in the world, our local post office is best to visit after hours. Unfortunately, they don’t have the capability to ship international orders in the after hours area such as custom forms and correct pricing.

However in the first or second week of June I’m making a trip to the Post Office for all in-person transactions I need to do. I will ship your rewards at this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding during abnormal circumstances.

Backer Reward Photos

taranormal kickstarter webcomic reward photo 001

taranormal kickstarter webcomic reward photo 002


taranormal kickstarter webcomic reward photo 004

I’m getting feedback that backers are getting their items now and the photos they’ve sent me are awesome! Thank you for sending me these.

You can send your reward photos to me at twitter @hcnoel.

Remember to use the hashtag #taranormal too.