Float 2017 Book Tour & New York Comic Con Wrap-Up

Here’s our first 2018 report of some of the amazing things that happened over Float’s fall and winter touring schedule. New York Comic Con Our New York Comic Con book debut went great! People were so receptive to the personal work and my efforts through this book to help open up communication about anxiety, depression, […]

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Creating a soundtrack to Anxiety
Victor Guest Float CD

This past weekend we traveled to upstate New York to visit musician Victor Guest so he could see the CDs of his soundtrack to Float for the first time. Thanks to everyone who backed our Float Kickstarter back in May, we were able to professionally produce Victor’s work as a CD for backers and anyone […]

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Sound of a Lifetime
Victor Guest Howie Noel Songwriting Float

Here’s a new wonderful behind-the-scenes photo of Victor and I working on the soundtrack to Float. This project will be a unique experience for the reader/listener. Victor’s music adds so much and collaborating with him has been one of the greatest artistic experiences of my life. Float’s Kickstarter launches May 1st, 2017.

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Building Float Soundscapes
Victor Howie in the Studio

Here’s a new making-of photo of Victor building the soundscapes of Float. There will be a total of 4 songs on the Float album. I always envisioned my books as little movies or shows and I often listen to music while creating them. This is the first time I’ve been fortunate enough to work with […]

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Voices of Float
Shelley Singing Voices of Float album

In additional to building the beautiful Float website you’re currently on, Shelley Noel will also be adding her singing talents to the Float album. She’ll voice 2 different characters on the soundtrack. It’s such a pleasure to see everyone involved with Float have the opportunity to use their numerous artistic talents. I’ve never lead a project like […]

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Sound of Float
Float Sound Anxiety MusicMusic

Not only will Float be a visually unique graphic memoir but it will also be accompanied by an original soundtrack created by musician Victor Guest. Victor has crafted the sound of Float to be a beautiful companion to your reading experience. We’ve been able to inspire each other and keep one another creating. It’s a […]

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Float Photo Sunday #1
Howie Victor Float Anxiety Songwriting

Welcome to the first installment of Float Photo Sundays here at YourGlassCeiling.com. Each Sunday we’ll share a behind-the-scenes photo from the making of Float the book and Float the soundtrack. Here’s a beautiful photo of Victor and Howie searching for the muse of creation. I’m 99% sure I remember we posed for this photo as […]

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Writing the Music
writing the music for float

Float is different from any other graphic novel Howie’s written. Not just because it’s a look into himself and his anxiety, but because there will be a four track soundtrack to accompany the book. I’m so excited to be part of this new experiment with Howie. My goal is for the music to reflect his […]

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I Need You to Float
why float comic book

I’ve been wanting to do an autobiographical graphic novel for a long time. For years, I had been playing with the idea of the Glass Ceiling and my struggles with breaking through. The entire idea of breaking through is a concept that I’ve put upon myself over my career. In doing so, I created this […]

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