New Tara Normal Short Story: Summer Camp Carnage
Summer Camp Feature Image

Please enjoy this new Tara Normal short story. Written and colored by me and penciled and inked by Leonardo Gonzalez. Thank you to Leo for the always amazing collaboration. I love working with him. Please check out more of his artwork at his website: You can read more Tara Normal stories at my site […]

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New Tara Normal Book! Cover Reveal
Patient X Tara Normal Feature Image

I’m happy to announce a new Tara Normal book: Hexes and Oh’s is coming this Fall! We’re currently aiming for a Halloween day release date. Hexes and Oh’s will be exclusively available on Amazon where you can find every Tara Normal book in this current series. This edition is shaping up to be the most […]

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Tara Normal: New Book This Halloween
Tara Normal End is Near

I’m happy to announce a new Tara Normal book – Paranormal War – is coming this Halloween to Amazon. It’ll be the concluding chapter of this Tara series which began in 2013. Each volume of Tara Normal is currently available on Amazon and our shop. The cover art for Paranormal War is above and […]

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