Writing the Music
writing the music for float

Float is different from any other graphic novel Howie’s written. Not just because it’s a look into himself and his anxiety, but because there will be a four track soundtrack to accompany the book. I’m so excited to be part of this new experiment with Howie. My goal is for the music to reflect his […]

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This Is How the World Ends
anxiety character art

Float begins with Anxiety. And it will end with him. This is his big push to control everything in your life. He’s not going to go quietly. Float opens up with this fiery unsettling image. The fire and smoke-filled skies are the artwork provide a nice contrast to the spacious and soothing blue of the cover. When […]

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I Need You to Float
why float comic book

I’ve been wanting to do an autobiographical graphic novel for a long time. For years, I had been playing with the idea of the Glass Ceiling and my struggles with breaking through. The entire idea of breaking through is a concept that I’ve put upon myself over my career. In doing so, I created this […]

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