Dick Tracy Rogues’ Gallery

ABOUT MY ROGUES’ GALLERY I’m excited to share a new art project I’ve been working on: The Dick Tracy Rogues’ Gallery. I started a new Instagram account just to showcase these new portraits: https://www.instagram.com/dicktracyroguesgallery/ View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dick Tracy’s Rogues’ Gallery (@dicktracyroguesgallery) Since I was a little boy, I’ve […]

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The Batman Illustration
The Batman Art

I took a break from watching the new trailer for ‘The Batman’ and drew this.   Here’s the trailer if you’d like to watch it 100 times like me.

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New Tara Normal Short Story: Summer Camp Carnage
Summer Camp Feature Image

Please enjoy this new Tara Normal short story. Written and colored by me and penciled and inked by Leonardo Gonzalez. Thank you to Leo for the always amazing collaboration. I love working with him. Please check out more of his artwork at his website: https://www.lagonza.com/ You can read more Tara Normal stories at my site […]

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Ghost “Rats” Artwork
Cardinal Copia -Ghost

New artwork inspired by the band Ghost and their current album Prequelle. Here’s an alternate version below:

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Cardinal Copia from the band Ghost

My friend Raven has really gotten me into the band Ghost and I was inspired to draw the band’s newest leader – Cardinal Copia. I love the character design and especially love their newest album Prequelle.

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Tara Normal: New Book This Halloween
Tara Normal End is Near

I’m happy to announce a new Tara Normal book – Paranormal War – is coming this Halloween to Amazon. It’ll be the concluding chapter of this Tara series which began in 2013. Each volume of Tara Normal is currently available on Amazon and our shop. https://www.amazon.com/Howie-Noel/e/B01D0AJHT6/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1 The cover art for Paranormal War is above and […]

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Anxiety is a Glass Ceiling

Today’s art page from Float reveals the Glass Ceiling. It hovers above all sufferers of mental illness. It takes all forms. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, bi-polar or any other disorder one suffers from, a monstrous division exists to make us feel alone. But you’re not alone. It’s hard to realize it, but there are millions […]

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Breaking Reality
Float Anxiety Attack Header Art

The rejection letter that washed on shore to David terrifies him. He traveled to the island to receive treatment for his anxiety and was promised a safe place to recover. There is no safe place to hide from his anxiety. His greatest fears have found him. David’s barriers break down and he loses control. The […]

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Float Outhousers Review

One of the pages I struggled with including in Float is today’s art page. It’s raw and divisive as it speaks about the rejection any artist or writer faces when submitting materials hoping to get published. My anxiety doesn’t allow me to see things correctly and I’ve learned I can’t trust my instincts. I’m also […]

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Message In A Bottle

Today’s Float page involves the romantic idea of a message in a bottle finding our main character as he strolls on the beach. Instead of finding a warm love letter or some kind remembrance, David discovers something that gives him pain. How did this end up in the bottle? How did it wash up to […]

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