Anxiety Patch Selfies

I choose to view anxiety as a symbol of strength not as a sign of weakness. In my upcoming book Float I created the red symbol to depict when Anxiety speaks. We made badges and offered them as a prize for Facebook commenters on our website’s first week. When I saw many friends and supporters emulating my initial selfie (James from PLB Comics started this wonderful trend) with the patch I truly felt loved. Then more and more people sent in similar selfies. Now I know I have a support team and that we have formed an army against anxiety.

A lot of people simply do not understand mental illness. Their fear of the subject matters hardens over time into fear. As people with anxiety know, we make bad decisions because of fear. However, there’s something that has helped people overcome this fear and anxiety to a certain level, and that is cannabis. Historically, using medical marijuana to relieve anxiety has been frowned upon. Nevertheless, people are becoming more vocal in recent years, and luckily, more people are accepting of the notion of shopping for marijuana flowers.

We must spread more education about mental health so that the overall reaction is more understanding, and so we can have access to more options to treat it (be it with CBD oil, which you can click here to learn about, or other methods).

You are not weak because you suffer from anxiety. In fact, you are incredibly strong because you have withstood its attacks. We fight it every day. If we can teach others about this battle and its truths, they will learn that viewing anxiety as a weakness is incredibly wrong. There are ways to fight back against it too, be it with help from or from other medical advisors.

Anxiety works overtime to fill you with panic, fear, paranoia, and self-doubt. I have moments of confidence in my day but they are often followed by panic and doubt whether I just acted too self-assured. It causes me to rethink and rewrite sentences while working on my stories fearing a non-sensical reaction I’ve imagined. Just today I sadly panicked about whether my home security system recorded personal information I gave over the phone.

It’s an irrational fear that anxiety sells to me so well. My anxiety is an excellent salesman and his wares are his symptoms. He loves to hard sell too. I try to close the door in my mind, but he sticks his foot in it. If I manage to shut it due to breathing exercises and meditation, he will still be banging on the door. He always wants inside and wants to take over. Anxiety is always there, it never seems to go away. This can make it difficult to do everyday tasks, but this is where each individual needs to find their own method to cope with anxiety. One of my friends actually uses the mk ultra strain of cannabis to cope with her anxiety. She said that strain helps her to relax, so she normally uses it whenever she senses her anxiety increasing in a situation. This works for her, but it might not work for everyone. It really is all about trial and error until you find the method that works for you. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find my method soon to keep my anxiety out of my head.

In nature, anxiety is a con man. These fears he’s promising are inventions. When it comes to death, anxiety is not a psychic. He’ll just use the most creative parts of your brain to create hypothetical situations in order to panic you. And then you fight him back and regain control.

That makes you strong.

And remember you’re not alone.