float conceptual album accompanying soundtrack

We’ve just received the final files for the soundtrack and HAD to share a preview with our Float followers. It’s truly a work of art, complimenting and enhancing the book in every way.  When I first listened to the soundtrack in it’s entirety, I was floored by how intensely beautiful it was in capturing the heart and essence of Howie’s story. It’s like a rock concept album and broadway musical all rolled into one. I was overcome by Victor’s amazingly honest lyrics and variety of musical approaches that work together to take listeners on a roller coaster of emotions the way anxiety does. I even cried during one of the parts—I won’t tell you which just yet.

In this first track of the accompanying album to be released to the public, David’s love is begging him to find a way to Float. They can’t exist as he is, and she loves him and needs him to find a way to pull himself out of the darkness and away from Anxiety who has him in his clutches.

I sing on this track with Victor, and we recorded late last fall at his studio. Both Victor and Howie had a vision for this album and I must say, they have exceeded all of our collective expectations. This is an incredibly special project and I am so proud to be part of it.


To get the entire album—over a half hour of stunning music to accompany the Float graphic memoir—support the Kickstarter campaign through May 31 at http://tinyurl.com/floatcomic