Float Sound Anxiety MusicMusic

Not only will Float be a visually unique graphic memoir but it will also be accompanied by an original soundtrack created by musician Victor Guest. Victor has crafted the sound of Float to be a beautiful companion to your reading experience.

We’ve been able to inspire each other and keep one another creating. It’s a huge project and we have a responsibility to the story as well as the people it will inspire. With Victor’s songs, my work will be able to express even more emotion and bring you a whole new dimension of insight into Float’s meanings.

Victor has helped me stay true to my vision too. There are parts of the book that are embarrassing as they’re deeply personal. There’s also terribly sad parts and I don’t usually share thoughts like these outside of a doctor’s office. I’m extremely fortunate to have him on the project keeping me so honest.

I cannot wait for you to hear this album! You can preview some of the music in Victor’s wonderful making-of video.

Our Kickstarter will launch May 1, 2017. You will be able to help fund the book and soundtrack. Plus, get yourself some very cool rewards.