A Rose Blooms Red Comic Art

As we saw in the last week’s Float page, the Worm was ground down by the Meat Plow after his fall from grace. Anxiety has been the cause of many downfalls in my life but I still believe in the power of hope. I survive each attack and I consider myself strong for making it through to the other side. The rose blooming from the Worm’s neck represents this persistence of beauty and strength.

Today was a rough day for me personally. My new diet has helped me feel renewed physically but I still lose daily battles with anxiety. It’s very frustrating. Fortunately, drawing and designing are relieving outlets for me. It’s important to find a creative outlet for yourself whether it’s writing, coloring or reading.

I find myself letting anxiety win too many times. I feel it build up and I let it take over because that choice is easy. Anxiety’s strong and persuasive. I have to learn to be better at fighting back because the fallout from anxiety’s wins are always great. It costs a friendship or a relationship with a loved one. No more fallout.

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