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I was honored to be featured on the Patients Like Me website. I was interviewed about Float and my history battling generalized anxiety disorder. GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) can affect many people in many different ways, and the treatment for it is similar, from therapies to medications, some are even combined to create a better effect, such as cymbalta and CBT. Medications that can be of help for mental health issues such as this are varied and wide, there is the conventional route which is medications that you get from a pharmacy, or you can go a more alternative route with herbal medicines like cannabis from businesses such as cannawholesalers and buy my weed online, there are a variety of ways this can be done and must be talked through with your doctor first.

“Noel, a comic illustrator based in New Jersey, wrote and illustrated the book and draws material from his own experience living with generalized anxiety disorder. “In Float, anxiety begins as an inner voice that offers advice. That advice is not helpful but it’s comforting because it’s coming from my mind. Unfortunately, a lot of anxiety’s ideas are harmful and dangerous.” Noel says that throughout the book, one of the main struggles is to fight the urge to give in to anxiety’s most harmful suggestions. “Dealing with anxiety, you have to recognize that these thoughts are bad ideas and often irrational. Anxiety deals in fear and uses your mind as a weapon. You have to stay strong and fight back using your willpower. Sometimes people need treatment bought from a vendor like bmwo to enable themselves to find the required willpower.”

So, how does an illustrator with anxiety draw it as a character? We’ve often seen the condition depicted as a dark scribble or a monster, but Noel took a different approach. Anxiety is played by an alluring and charismatic rock star who is fighting for David’s undivided attention. “Anxiety wants to be the only friend you have,” Noel says of the character, “It’s an abusive and dangerous relationship because anxiety really wants me to be alone.”

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