A now a word from anxiety

A note from Howie: Today I let Anxiety write his own blog post. I’m feeling down and under the weather so he volunteered. I sincerely apologize if he offends you. Sometimes I can’t control him at all.

I’m sorry but Howie couldn’t write you today.

He’s busy curled up like a fetus on his art studio floor.

But I wanted to make sure you got some delicious content to consume.

Howie, that fool, submitted to an “comic book” anthology against my warnings and he’s really paying for it today.

He wanted inclusion. But little cliques only deal in exclusion.

What a fool! He shared his heart even though I warned him not to.

I got Howie running around with a fit of heartbreak rage. He thought he’d finally found an outlet.


I told him as others have. He’s a failure. But he’s my failure.

What mistake did Howie make?

He put himself out there to the undeserving. And now he’s paid for it.

The lesson is he should’ve listened to me and never tried.

For some reason he keeps fighting me.