When two college students watch an old film reel starring forgotten 1930’s cartoon star Mr. Scootles, they unknowingly set off a chain events leading to Hell on Earth. Featuring a cast that includes a seductive demon, a bloodthirsty film history professor, a warrior angel, Judas and the Devil herselfMr. Scootles is a book like no other.


“It’s damn good.” Newsarama

“Visually Imaginative.”Ain’t It Cool News

“Many mysteries, Disney-esque yet gritty art, great characters and believable dialogue.”Wizard Magazine

“Definitely an original story.” — The 4th Rail

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Mr. Scootles Character Art


Mr. Scootles was a successful cartoon star in the early 1930’s but fell into obscurity after his creator Weston Lang, Jr. took his own life. Trapped in Hell because of his creator’s actions, Mr. Scootles needs to find a way out of purgatory to save his soul.

Jason Character Art


Jason is an animation major at Drumheller Art Institute. When he watches an old film reel starring Mr. Scootles, he sets off a chain of events that could lead to Hell on Earth.

Kelly Character Art


Kelly is also an animation major at Drumheller Art Institute. She watches the film reel with Jason and soon finds herself possessed by a demon and in the middle of a battle between good and evil. What a week at school.

Sentalanqua Character Art


Professor Sentalanqua is the film history teacher at Drumheller Art Institute. He’s also a self-trained master of black magic and dedicated to opening a portal to Hell. He believes the cursed Mr. Scootles film reel is the secret he’s been searching for. He’ll kill to find out.

Gatekeeper Character Art


The Gatekeeper watches the front desk at the Gates of Hell and checks in everyone sentenced to eternal damnation. Bored with working a desk job in the pits of the underworld, she sees Mr. Scootles as her ticket of out of a dead-end job in the inferno.

Victor the Angel Character Art


Victor is a warrior angel who has fought many battles over countless years to protect the kingdom of Heaven. He experiences troubling visions of doom related to Mr. Scootles and an impending war with Hell. Instead of heeding the advice of those around him, he decides to listen to his premonitions and race to the human realm below.

Pig Beast Character Art


The Pig Beast is a monstrous denizen of one of the upper levels of Hell. The Pig Beast won’t stop chasing its prey until its dead. Commanded by the Gatekeeper, it really wants to eat Mr. Scootles.

Fetus Ghost Character Art


The Fetus Ghost first visits Mr. Scootles while he’s in Purgatory. It feels a kinship with Scootles and chooses to hang around him on his adventure.

Christina Character ArtCHRISTINA

Christina is Kelly’s suite mate at the dorms at Drumheller Art Institute. While she majors in illustration at the school, she’s in major trouble when Kelly and Jason unknowingly summon a demon.

Lucy Character Art


Lucy goes by many names but you probably know her best as the Devil. She rules Hell and keeps everyone in line. When Mr. Scootles arrives, the order of Hell is disrupted and Lucy is intrigued by the animated character’s destiny.