With the Float Kickstarter launching in a few days on May 1 at 10 AM EST, I’ve started making the rounds for some podcast interviews.

I found both of these interviews lovely to do. It was unique for me to speak about my anxiety and my comic book work. I’ve never brought up my battle with anxiety before in an interview so this book has helped me personally open up with it.

First up, is Amber Love’s Vodko O’ Clock. I love talking to Amber and she knows so much about the subject of anxiety and depression. Please check out her site and Patreon as well.

Listen to my episode at this link:

This week I also had the wonderful opportunity to be on Derek Becker’s Comic Pros & Cons Podcast¬†once again. Derek is an excellent interviewer and he focuses on the artwork on Float in a way that fully grasps what I’m doing.

You can listen to my episode of Comic Pros & Cons here: