Here’s our first 2018 report of some of the amazing things that happened over Float’s fall and winter touring schedule.

New York Comic Con

Our New York Comic Con book debut went great! People were so receptive to the personal work and my efforts through this book to help open up communication about anxiety, depression, and mental health. Getting it printed and out there for people to see and touch was amazing, luckily there are websites like Printivity that can help with picking the right book print to make it all come together. Here are the highlights from the 4 days of fun in the Big Apple:

Pablo Escobar’s Marriage Proposal

Yes, it’s true. In a Howie Noel Comics first, I was asked to host a proposal at my NYCC booth-and it was amazing. I was contacted secretly by Mr. Escobar a few weeks before the show and asked to draw him proposing to his girlfriend as they sat for a caricature. When I turned the drawing around and showed her, at first she didn’t quite understand, but when it hit, it was so sweet. Shelley, my wife, was crying as much as the future Mrs. Escobar. We recorded it for the couple and you can share in the fun here:

Float on Tall Tale Radio

Good friend and host of Tall Tale Radio Tom Racine stopped by Float headquarters at NYCC and chatted with me about the book and using art to battle anxiety disorder. You can listen to the show here:

float tall tale radio
Howie Interviewed by Tom Racine for Tall Tale Radio


Surprises and Spoilers on the X-Files Panel

Just kidding! No spoilers. But I did arrange quite a surprise for Shelley by sending her off to the X-Files panel (#besthusbandever). She of course had a ball, but unfortunately no big secrets were revealed. She did report back that the trailer for the new season was super action-packed and involved Scully sliding across the floor, popping up behind a table and shooting her gun like a total bada$$ diva. Also, Scully and Mulder’s son William is going to be revealed all grown up in this season. We’re super excited for the new season to premier.

NYCC17 X-files Panel
NYCC17 X-files Panel

Making New Float Friends and Celebrating Old Ones

We had so many people stop by the booth. Thank you to everyone who has supported Float since its debut.

My first visitor was my friend George Gustines, NY Times journalist and managing editor. Such a wonderful way to start off the show.

I was able to hand deliver a few Kickstarter exclusive copies of Float to backers at the show. Here’s a few sketches I drew in a couple of these copies.

To celebrate completing my Float book project, I commissioned a caricature portrait by one of my artistic heroes, Tom Richmond. Tom is the premiere caricaturist currently in Mad Magazine and a great person. I was so overwhelmed when I saw the final art. It’s of me with Alfred E. Neuman as my character Tara Normal. What a dream come true! I stare at this cover every day.

2017 European Book Signing Tour

For the first time ever, I traveled to Europe to do a few book signings to promote Float.

First stop was Jopo de Pojo in Haarlem, Netherlands. What an awesome time! I felt so welcome in the store that it felt like a second home. I even created a large Float painting for them. It’s the first time I’ve painted in over 10 years.

Float Continues in 2018

The Float book tour continues in 2018 with our appearance at Emerald City Comic Con March 1-4, 2018. We’ll be in Artist Alley with copy of Float and the library of HCNoel Comics books. Hope to see you there!

I’m currently finishing fulfillment of the remaining Kickstarter rewards. Float t-shirts are expected to finally arrive soon as well as the remaining shipment of Float books due from the printer.

Make sure to check in here for weekly updates and lots of new art and articles on battling anxiety in 2018!