Howie writing Float comic book

Here at Float headquarters, our main goal is to provide a place for you to visit 24/7 to preview pages from my upcoming graphic memoir and to read posts about anxiety, art and inspiration. We’re making a concerted effort to continually have new content here for you to enjoy. Every week, I’ll be posting new Float art pages and sharing my experiences with anxiety and depression. I’m no expert and I certainly haven’t “cured” myself, but I’m happy to share tools and exercises I’ve used to combat my anxiety when it’s been at its worst. Musician Victor Guest, the creative genius behind Float’s accompanying soundtrack, will be writing his own posts reflecting his process and inspirations.

Like the 1980’s band Loverboy, we here at Float will also be working for the weekends. I’ll be posting entertaining behind-the-scenes photos of the Float creative process as we work toward our Kickstarter. The Float Kickstarter launches on May 1st, 2017 to fund the printing of the graphic memoir and soundtrack by Victor.

As seen in today’s photo, I’m spending this snowy Saturday editing. Working with my editor, Leah, is extremely rewarding. Float allows me to channel negative effects of my disorder into my artwork. Creating art is my preferred form of therapy. Thank you for following me on this new journey.