I’m excited to share a new art project I’ve been working on: The Dick Tracy Rogues’ Gallery.

I started a new Instagram account just to showcase these new portraits: https://www.instagram.com/dicktracyroguesgallery/

Since I was a little boy, I’ve been a huge fan of Chester Gould’s creation, Dick Tracy. My Dad and I always read the comic strips together and it was a special bonding moment I’ll never forget.

My goal with this ongoing project is to draw all of the Rogues as well as their movie versions if they have one. I’ll also be drawing recreations of important scenes from the comic strip’s extensive past.

Please follow along at @dicktracyroguesgallery on Instagram.

I hope you enjoy your stay at the Rogues’ Gallery.

Below are brand-new daily comic strips I created as part of my Rogues’ Gallery art project.


Dick Tracy Monday Daily Strip by Howie Noel

Dick Tracy Tuesday Daily Strip

Dick Tracy Wednesday Daily Strip

Dick Tracy Thursday Daily Strip by Howie Noel

Dick Tracy Friday Daily Strip by Howie Noel

Dick Tracy Saturday Daily Strip

Dick Tracy Sunday Comic Strip by Howie Noel


And to honor my real-life hero – my Dad – I drew him as he’d appear in the comic strip world. I will always hold onto our memories together and I’m forever grateful I was his son and his friend. Rest In Peace, Howard Noel.