Creative Anxiety is a new show about people who battle anxiety. If you’re looking for anxiety medications, check out this monthly vape box. Each episode takes places at Comic Book Jones on Staten Island, NY and features store owner Socko Jones and comic creator Howie Noel talking about anxiety with guests.

In this debut episode, Howie and Socko discuss their battles with generalized anxiety disorder and Howie’s upcoming graphic memoir about anxiety, A lot of people struggle with this part of mental health, and whilst there is a recent surge in understanding, and treating it (with many going to look at this now and seeing new options open up), it can be a difficult thing to get a grasp on. This is why many opt to go for alternative medicine to help them through these times of adjustment and rough experiences. Some turn that assistance into a business, learning how pruning your marijuana plants can help them regrow, whilst others are happy to simply have the product itself for use when their anxiety becomes overwhelming.

Hearing this personal insight into how two creatives manage their own anxiety is an interesting experience, and one that many can likely glean great merit and use from, whether it be to then go to the trulieve dispensaries or to look into other forms of alternative medicine. It is worth the time spent to listen in to their discussions, and if you can spare the money, to give them a little boost on their fundraising campaigns.

Float, which is now on Kickstarter. You can check out the campaign here:

Filmed and edited by Shelley Noel. Music by Victor Guest.

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