Victor Howie Recording Float

This past weekend we traveled to upstate New York to visit musician Victor Guest so he could see the CDs of his soundtrack to Float for the first time. Thanks to everyone who backed our Float Kickstarter back in May, we were able to professionally produce Victor’s work as a CD for backers and anyone who orders from our Float store.

Victor then signed all 500 Float discs! I enjoyed every minute of that. I’ll get my own taste of signing when the Float books arrive in October.

Here’s a photo of Victor signing:

Victor signing Float CDs

The signing went rather quickly thanks to the help of Victor’s wife, Christina. We had a true assembly line going.

Victor with Float CD

I will have a limited amount of copies of Float at New York Comic Con October 5-8. I will be in Artist Alley H7. If you are a Float Kickstarter backer, please stop by as I will also have a few hardcovers and other rewards with me.

Now that the book is at the printer, I’ll be back next week as frequent Float posts begin again. Thank you for the love, support and patience you’ve granted me. You have helped me make it through one of the most challenging personal and artistic times of my life.