Stuck in the Emotion
Shelley Noel Float

Let me preface this post with the “I’m not a doctor” disclaimer. Because, seriously, I’m not a doctor. I’m more of a theorist. I love to think about the mechanics behind things to arrive at the right solution for a problem. Some people call it high instincts, but I think it’s more like paying attention. […]

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Float Podcast Interviews

With the Float Kickstarter launching in a few days on May 1 at 10 AM EST, I’ve started making the rounds for some podcast interviews. I found both of these interviews lovely to do. It was unique for me to speak about my anxiety and my comic book work. I’ve never brought up my battle […]

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Float Animated Trailer #3
Float Animated Trailer 3 Feature Art

Created by Shelley Noel using artwork by Howie Noel. Original music by Victor Guest. Subscribe to Howie Noel’s official YouTube channel to see Float art videos as soon as they’re posted. The Float Kickstarter launches May 1, 2017 at 10 AM EST! More info on the campaign here:

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The Hill We Die On
hill to die on feature art

There are only 7 days to go before the Float Kickstarter launches! You can learn more about our upcoming campaign to fund the book here: I’m so excited for you to finally get to see what we have planned as far as exclusive rewards are concerned. So many great things! Today’s Float comic page deals […]

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A little share goes a long way
float thunderclap campaign

This is one tough world. People aren’t the most accepting about stuff like anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses. Because these manifest on the inside, they’re intangible. The truth is, it’s hard to understand stuff that isn’t visible or always obvious. And what we don’t understand, we have a hard time accepting. But, the more we talk […]

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Anxiety Attack Position
Anxiety Attack Position Header Art

Today’s Float comic page discusses the anxiety attacks I suffer during flights. Just this past Wednesday I took a plane to Florida to visit friends and family. Once again, I suffered from a series of anxiety attacks. It was only a 2-hour flight and the attacks made it feel like it was endless. I was […]

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Side Effects
Side Effects Featured Art

David’s anxiety steps up to provide excuses as to why David should turn down the new experimental treatment proposed by his doctor. The top panel illustrates just a few of the symptoms I experience regularly. Have you experienced these symptoms too? Let me know in the comments.

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A Retreat

David’s doctor offers him a unique opportunity to experience an experimental for his anxiety. Will David’s anxiety allow him to accept? Find out next Monday in a new episode of Float. You can check out the other pages of Float here:

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Float Bed

David feels like his choices aren’t his own. It’s more of Anxiety’s responsibility. Anxiety has led him down a sad path of regret and ruin. As his doctor goes over the wreckage David’s left behind, David grows smaller and smaller. He’s overwhelmed by his regrets and his pain. Check out more art from Float here: […]

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Float Guest Blog #1: Patrick
Guest Blog Feature Art

The following is a special guest blog written by a good friend of mine, Patrick. He graciously accepted my requests for him to write about his own experiences with anxiety for my Float art project. Here are his words. I have been awake for 35 hours and 35 minutes because a woman I like did […]

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