Voices of Float
Shelley Singing Voices of Float album

In additional to building the beautiful Float website you’re currently on, Shelley Noel will also be adding her singing talents to the Float album. She’ll voice 2 different characters on the soundtrack. It’s such a pleasure to see everyone involved with Float have the opportunity to use their numerous artistic talents. I’ve never lead a project like […]

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Sound of Float
Float Sound Anxiety MusicMusic

Not only will Float be a visually unique graphic memoir but it will also be accompanied by an original soundtrack created by musician Victor Guest. Victor has crafted the sound of Float to be a beautiful companion to your reading experience. We’ve been able to inspire each other and keep one another creating. It’s a […]

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Symbol of Strength
float comic book anxiety

I choose to view anxiety as a symbol of strength not as a sign of weakness. In my upcoming book Float I created the red symbol to depict when Anxiety speaks. We made badges and offered them as a prize for Facebook commenters on our website’s first week. When I saw many friends and supporters […]

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The Worm
Worm on Fire Art

In today’s new page of art from my upcoming anxiety memoir, Float, we meet The Worm. You can read more about the characters from Float in the site’s About section. The Worm is used in the book to portray some of my most sensitive moments from my life. He’s an unfinished work and a physical embodiment of […]

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Float Photo Sunday #1
Howie Victor Float Anxiety Songwriting

Welcome to the first installment of Float Photo Sundays here at YourGlassCeiling.com. Each Sunday we’ll share a behind-the-scenes photo from the making of Float the book and Float the soundtrack. Here’s a beautiful photo of Victor and Howie searching for the muse of creation. I’m 99% sure I remember we posed for this photo as […]

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Don’t Stop
Howie writing Float comic book

Here at Float headquarters, our main goal is to provide a place for you to visit 24/7 to preview pages from my upcoming graphic memoir and to read posts about anxiety, art and inspiration. We’re making a concerted effort to continually have new content here for you to enjoy. Every week, I’ll be posting new Float art pages […]

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A Positive Change

I would like to raise a glass a warm tea, or your choice of suitable celebratory beverage, to thank all of you for making the first week of this website so special. I was initially extremely nervous about launching this site. Float is by far the most personal work I’ve ever done. It’s like a […]

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Drawing Anxiety

Here’s a short video of my process of drawing Anxiety from the upcoming book, Float. He’s always so full of attitude. You can read more about Anxiety on the Float ‘About’ page. Here’s a full color version of the final character artwork.

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When Anxiety Attacks
anxiety attack art

With anxiety, the smallest problems can grow into insurmountable obstacles. A wave of overwhelming panic builds and overtakes its victim. For this reason, it is important to have some form of immediate relief close at hand such as hemp extracts. Anxiety is a unique disorder in that it is physically unnoticeable in most people, which […]

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How Did It Begin?

We start Float with ‘How the World Ends.’ But to truly understand the ending, one must understand the beginning. Since Float is a graphic memoir, I knew the subject matter would be extremely personal and difficult to share with my readers. There are things in the book that I’ve hidden from family members and my […]

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