Float anxiety artwork

Float begins with Anxiety. And it will end with him. This is his big push to control everything in your life. He’s not going to go quietly.

Float opens up with this fiery unsettling image. The fire and smoke-filled skies are the artwork provide a nice contrast to the spacious and soothing blue of the cover.

When I started working on Float, I wanted to give my anxiety a physical form. Since sequential art is a visual medium, I have an advantage in telling my story and making anxiety a person allows me to better explain its effects and its path of abuse. Instead of just an abstract thought or idea, Anxiety is a rock star. He’s charismatic. He’s seductive and flamboyant. He’s also evil, destructive, controlling and manipulative. He’s real because I give him power. He’s so strong because he drains all of my strength.

You can read more about the main cast of Float in the About section.