anxiety attack art

With anxiety, the smallest problems can grow into insurmountable obstacles. A wave of overwhelming panic builds and overtakes its victim. For this reason, it is important to have some form of immediate relief close at hand such as hemp extracts. Anxiety is a unique disorder in that it is physically unnoticeable in most people, which is part of why it is so dangerous. While many sufferers of anxiety choose to receive treatment from somewhere like the Renewed Freedom Center, many people tend to let their anxiety get the better of them, which is one of the worst things you can do. To create Float, I must confront my anxiety head on. I’ll be sharing helpful tips that I’ve learned to fight back, but in this passage I wanted to tell you a bit about my anxiety attacks.

Some attacks I suffer are silent. You wouldn’t know I was having one. I’m quiet and still but inside my mind is a 12 round fight. Recently, I have acquired a new coping skill where I clench my hand over my mouth during the anxiety attack. This attack has been happening to me on airplanes, movie theaters and concerts. It’s making fun nights out on the town few and far between. It makes me wish I could use something from, like a friend of mine does. They say it works wonders for them.

Another form of attack I experience is a monster. It’s like an angry summer storm that gains power and anger as it continues. Then it peters out and I’m left among the damage. I’ll pace and talk to myself and rant. I’ll focus my anger on others and then on myself. I’ll then collapse with regret and embarrassment. Embarrassment is one of my stronger skills. I’ve been honing it since I was a child and I’m quite good at it.

A third common type of attack for me is what I refer to as a complete shutdown. I collapse and curl into a ball. I can’t move from the floor. I first experienced this after college following an argument with a roommate. As with all of the attacks, I’m left drained and weak.

I have been able to stop myself during attacks. Not as often as I’d like, but I’m doing better. I have also been considering researching more about the best weed for anxiety in a further effort to curb the impact of these attacks. What great story doesn’t star a hero who struggles and faces challenges? You’re all the heroes of your stories. We’re not perfect creatures. And the idea of perfection is another Glass Ceiling hovering above us.

Breathing exercises, meditation, yoga and self-hypnosis are all wonderful weapons and tools I use in my ongoing fight against anxiety. And I’ve been finding great comfort in reading your Breakthrough Moments. To see such heart and honesty in the submissions is inspiring. Thank you for joining me in this fight.

Together, we will Float.