I would like to raise a glass a warm tea, or your choice of suitable celebratory beverage, to thank all of you for making the first week of this website so special. I was initially extremely nervous about launching this site. Float is by far the most personal work I’ve ever done. It’s like a form of therapy and each day I finish a new page I feel like a breakthrough has been made. And I knew this website would have to match it terms of revelations and access to my experiences with anxiety. Receiving such positive early feedback from readers and visitors has assuaged any fears I had about sharing my fight.

The beautiful messages submitted to Breakthrough Moments have greatly encouraged me. Even though you might not realize it, you are so strong and brave. You fight daily with your own fear and you overcome it. You might believe you’re losing to anxiety or depression, but you’re not. You’re fighting and surviving.

I created Float and this site to spread a powerful message of hope. Through all of the darkness, a light will appear. After the storm of an anxiety attack, a wave of calm arrives and it’s over. Yes, a new attack may come but you’re ready. You’ve already weathered on battle. You’re not going to give up in this war.

We need to shine a line on the darkness.

And we need to tribute the positive.

Think of a positive change you can make in your life and plan to act on it. I act without abandon sometimes even though usually anxiety causes me to rethink things a million times. I don’t even want to admit to you how many times I rewrite this simplest of posts on here. But I do find the courage within myself to act. This week I decided to make a positive change to my health. I’ve read numerous articles and heard from my doctors that a healthy diet will lessen anxiety greatly, but I’m a stubborn person born with a hatred toward vegetables. However, anxiety affects not only one’s mental heath but one’s physical health as well. I began a change to gradually adjust my diet to Gluten-free. Some of my friends who had earlier dealt with anxiety, had also recommended me to try cannabis. I was told about a variety of strains, especially the blue cheese strain, which is known for its ability to induce happy chemicals in the brain. That could also be one of the reasons why this strain is favored by the medical cannabis community. I already knew that there were places like this East Lansing medical dispensary where people go to get their cannabis products. so I might just try them out. However, after procuring the product, I might need a good bong or a tube to smoke my anxieties away. Naturally, this led me to search online for various stores that sold these smoking accessories and I stumbled upon multiple websites such as Smokers Vice ( Now I know where I can get my greens as well as the accessories from! I also got to know that it is possible to cultivate the plant at home. However, for the cultivation process, sourcing good quality seeds (from shops like I Love Growing Marijuana) could be the most important thing. Additionally, if someone has got a green thumb, this could be the time to use it!

Coming back to the present, this morning, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I woke up without a headache. I woke up feeling refreshed and without the normal fog and haze that clouds my mind. A smile actually grew and stretched across my face. The new snow may have helped my mood as well. I felt compelled to tweet about this and to log onto here and share this with you. By only highlighting the negatives in our lives, we get wind up trapped in the darkness. Anxiety is not infallible. He can be knocked down. Therefore, you can win when he wants to fight you. Yes – Anxiety is strong, but you’re stronger. You put up with anxiety’s antics and insidious plans. You’re the hero of this story.

So here’s to positivity. And to your mental and physical health.

Please let us know what positive change you have made to combat anxiety in the comments below or via a Breakthrough Moment.