Float Bed

David feels like his choices aren’t his own. It’s more of Anxiety’s responsibility. Anxiety has led him down a sad path of regret and ruin. As his doctor goes over the wreckage David’s left behind, David grows smaller and smaller. He’s overwhelmed by his regrets and his pain. Check out more art from Float here: […]

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Float Guest Blog #1: Patrick
Guest Blog Feature Art

The following is a special guest blog written by a good friend of mine, Patrick. He graciously accepted my requests for him to write about his own experiences with anxiety for my Float art project. Here are his words. I have been awake for 35 hours and 35 minutes because a woman I like did […]

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Float Animated Trailer #2
Float animated trailer #2

Created by Shelley Noel using artwork by Howie Noel. Original music by Victor Guest. Subscribe to Howie Noel’s official YouTube channel to see Float art videos as soon as they’re posted.

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Your Level of Pain

David meets with his doctor. The goal of therapy is to reach conclusions and find answers through discussion. David’s anxiety is increasing beyond his control and as a result his reality is distorting. Check out more Float art pages here: What is your level of  pain?

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The Flesh

We’re moving into the next section of Float. In this title art from the upcoming book, we see the breakdown of the Worm and of a mind itself. This actually gives you a look at the upcoming pages too. The Kickstarter for Float launches May 1, 2017.

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Anxiety Takes Over
Anxiety Takes Over Header Image

Anxiety takes over and we see David fully for the first time. He’s dived far into the inner chambers of his mind. David wants to hide from his problems and his pain. He lets Anxiety take control. He thinks Anxiety is a friend but David will learn he’s terribly wrong. You can view all of Float’s […]

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Float Photo Sunday #2
Float Photo Sunday 2

Welcome to Float Photo Sunday #2! Victor is continuing work on the Float album as I’m working on the second half of the book already. We are facing creative challenges together. It feels great to work with people on this project. I’m used to going it alone. You can check out the first Float Photo […]

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