Ground Down
The Worm and the Meat Plow

The Worm falls victim to the Meat Plow as it rolls over him. He’s ground down into the earth. The field that the Worm fell into is filled with past victims of the grind. Some harsh observers would state that the Worm wasn’t ‘strong’ enough for this world. But who could survive a fall from grace […]

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Building Float Soundscapes
Victor Howie in the Studio

Here’s a new making-of photo of Victor building the soundscapes of Float. There will be a total of 4 songs on the Float album. I always envisioned my books as little movies or shows and I often listen to music while creating them. This is the first time I’ve been fortunate enough to work with […]

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The Worm and the Meat Plow
The Meat Plow

In this page from Float, we see the Worm‘s fall has left him stuck. Anxiety has left me feeling in the same position. I often feel trapped and helpless. The Worm sees a deadly future ahead as the Meat Plow is headed his way. He’s fallen into an entire field of meat. The meat field […]

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Order Your Anxiety Patch
Anxiety Patch Selfies

“This is a symbol of strength, not a sign of weakness.” You can now get the Anxiety patch and support the Float project. Inside the pages of Float, Anxiety is the main villain of the book. Over 40 million people in the United States alone suffer from anxiety disorders.* Hopefully the character of anxiety will help more people […]

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Anxiety Flight
Anxiety Flight Art

I experienced a new form of anxiety attack a few years ago before boarding a flight out of New Orleans, LA. Like many others before me, I partied hard in New Orleans during my stay there. Consequently, I was extremely tired and dehydrated while waiting at my boarding station. Suddenly, a shiver erupted in my […]

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Sifting Through Ashes
Sifting through anxiety ashes

In my upcoming graphic memoir, Float, Anxiety is the main villain. He’s a charismatic monster who leaves a path of destruction in his wake. In my life, anxiety has been like a raging fire that leaves my loved ones, friends and my career in ashes. The process of writing Float is like sifting through those […]

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Fall from Grace
Worm Anxiety Fall

Today’s new page of Float continues the Worm‘s fall from grace. In Float, the Worm portrays certain portions of my life story. The Worm is me at my lowest form. He once had beautiful wings but Anxiety took hold and his wings burned up. This sequence features the fall and his entry into adulthood. Somber gray […]

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Voices of Float
Shelley Singing Voices of Float album

In additional to building the beautiful Float website you’re currently on, Shelley Noel will also be adding her singing talents to the Float album. She’ll voice 2 different characters on the soundtrack. It’s such a pleasure to see everyone involved with Float have the opportunity to use their numerous artistic talents. I’ve never lead a project like […]

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Sound of Float
Float Sound Anxiety MusicMusic

Not only will Float be a visually unique graphic memoir but it will also be accompanied by an original soundtrack created by musician Victor Guest. Victor has crafted the sound of Float to be a beautiful companion to your reading experience. We’ve been able to inspire each other and keep one another creating. It’s a […]

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Symbol of Strength
float comic book anxiety

I choose to view anxiety as a symbol of strength not as a sign of weakness. In my upcoming book Float I created the red symbol to depict when Anxiety speaks. We made badges and offered them as a prize for Facebook commenters on our website’s first week. When I saw many friends and supporters […]

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