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Best New Comic 2009
WCRCA Peoples Choice Awards

Best Paranormal Comic 2010
Haunt Jaunts

Zazzle Design Today's Best Award
October 29, 2011
(Motivational Mouse Pad)

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US Dept of Health and Human Services
TAPS Paramagazine
CBS Radio Baltimore
Dave & Busters
Beyond Reality Events
Porter Novelli
Troma Team Video, NYC
Meigas Restaurant, NYC
About Faces Entertainers
Raven Quinn, Vocal Artist

how to contact me

Comic & Book Retailers:
To order FREE promotional material for Mr. Scootles, Tara Normal comics, please email me at hcnoel@gmail.com.

General Questions:
Please email any questions or comments to hcnoel@gmail.com.

Purchase Original Art or Order a Commissioned Piece:
If you are interested in purchasing artwork seen on this site or ordering a commissioned piece, please email hcnoel@gmail.com.

All sales final. No refunds.

Artistic Interpretation Disclaimer:
My style is known as caricature, meaning a picture of a person or thing in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or artistic effect. Portraits are completed in my personal artistic style. No revisions allowed on likenesses, as they are the result of the my personal interpretation.

Caricatures for Events:
If you are interested in hiring HCNoel to caricature for your event (Baltimore & D.C. greater metro area only), please email hcnoel@gmail.com.

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FAQs & Contact

"Great artist!"

Jason Hawes of TAPS

"Holy shit,
thatís amazing."

CMPunk of WWE,
on CMPunk character illustration

"This is the coolest piece of artwork in the history of the world."

J Paris,
on Ed Norris Team shirt design



make your event unforgettable.

Email hcnoel@gmail.com to hire me my comic relief caricaturing at your event. (Baltimore & D.C. greater metro area only)

Get yourself some original art!

If you are interested in purchasing artwork seen on this site or ordering a commissioned piece, let me know: hcnoel@gmail.com

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