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Tara Normal
Graphic Novel Series & Webcomic at TaraNormal.com

TAPS Paramagazine
Monthly Comic

Image Comics
An Inability to Cope with Dirk Manning

Children's Book Illustrations
Doodle Bug and Laser, Ghost Hunting Dogs

Guest Comic

Web Comic

Proposal Panel

Paranormal Bounty Hunter
Single Issue Comic

Mr. Scootles
Graphic Novel

Vincent the Painter of Death
Single Issue Comic




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"Great artist!"

Jason Hawes of TAPS

"Holy shit,
thatís amazing."

CMPunk of WWE,
on CMPunk character illustration

"This is the coolest piece of artwork in the history of the world."

J Paris,
on Ed Norris Team shirt design



make your event unforgettable.

Email hcnoel@gmail.com to hire me my comic relief caricaturing at your event. (Baltimore & D.C. greater metro area only)

Get yourself some original art!

If you are interested in purchasing artwork seen on this site or ordering a commissioned piece, let me know: hcnoel@gmail.com

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